Principles of Management

Faustino Taderera

Faustino Taderera, the celebrity and towering figure, the most published, polished and celebrated International Purchasing/Supply Chain, Marketing and International Business academic, icon and guru in Zimbabwe and Africa, wrote this book, Principles of Management, as a compulsory course at undergraduate level for many qualifications and covers, among others: - planning, organizing, leading/directing and controlling organization structures vision, mission, objectives, strategies tendering turnaround management TQM R & D innovation business ethics corporate governance social responsibility and the role of the state. This book is the set book for all Management courses at undergraduate level for certificate, diploma and degree studies as well as GCE A Level or Grade 11 and 12. With this 9th book Faustino Taderera is now the undisputed Tom Peters of Zimbabwe, Africa and the Middle East.